Junior Champions Program

The Junior Champions Program is a long-term development program designed to guide the junior golfer through his or her journey from beginning golfer to champion golfer.  A long-term commitment is the best way to see significant improvement in you child’s game.  No one signs up for just five piano lessons or ballet lessons so why would you do so in golf?  

Players may enter the Program regardless of their present level. We have levels available for Pee Wee golfers (ages 5-6), the beginner, those just entering competitive golf, and regular tournament players.

Each level runs from March through October and requires a recurring monthly membership.  Players may suspend their membership at any time and may join at any time subject to availability.

Dennis Wells, PGA - Junior Champions Program


In the Pee Wee Level, children will have fun learning the basic fundmentals of the game in a fast paced, age appropriate environment.


The Player Level is for beginner junior golfers that want to have fun and learn the basic fundamentals. No experience is necessary for this level. We will cover putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing fundamentals as well as the basic rules and etiquette required to play on the golf course.


The Competitor Level is for golfers that are entering competitive golf. Players that are planning to play on a junior high or middle school team will benefit most from this program. We will cover extensively the full swing and short game fundamentals and introduce basic course management, mental game techniques, and rules. 


The Champion Level is designed for players with tournament experience that want to move to the next level. High school players wanting to make the team, move up from JV to Varsity, or qualify for the State Championship will benefit most from this program. All aspects of the player’s game will be addressed and a high level of commitment is required. We will also have a monthly competition.  Dates and courses are to be determined.

To register for any of the junior programs offered by Dennis Wells, PGA, you may email at denniswellsgolf@gmail.com, call, or register online.