Dennis Wells, PGA - Gyra Golf Certified Instructor

Dennis Wells, PGA is a certified Gyra Golf Instructor which specializes in one of the most important areas in golf…the mental approach to the game.

Dennis and Gyra define Mental Strength as the ability to make the right adjustments during competition.

The Brain is essentially the middle-man in target sports, interfering between what the eyes see and what the muscles execute. Muscles have no memory … they receive their commands from the brain via neurons carrying your knowledge/skills. All target sports require neuromuscular collaboration between the eyes, brain, and muscles. The brain controls 3 critical components:

  1. Muscle Sequence– all golf shots are a muscle sequence of back and return to ball
  2. Force– the “scale” of force (how hard/soft) to hit the ball only exists in the brain
  3. Target Hold– ability to take and hold the target that the eyes chose

When you are playing great, to the best of your ability, all 3 of the above are occurring perfectly. The neurons carrying your knowledge/skills are traveling without any interference. In this “zone” state, the frequency of those neurons (Hz) is at Alpha/Theta Brain waves, low frequency between 5-15 Hz. However, any imperfect shot (result is not what you expected) will send your brain into forensic-discovery mode to understand why/what happened, spiking the frequency and compromising Muscle

Sequence, Sense of Force and ability to hold a target for the next shot. GYRA Golf has created a simple language and neuroscience-based on-course tools to make the right adjustments based on exactly where your brain is. This is the Mental Strength Training you need to take to the course.

For more information on the Gyra program and how it can take your game to the next level, contact Dennis Wells, PGA today!

Dennis Wells, PGA - Gyra Golf Certified Instructor
Dennis Wells, PGA - Gyra Golf Certified Instructor